Dragon 2 Symposium 20- 24 June 2011 Prague, Czech Republic
ESA      Congrex - ESA's Professional Conference Organiser 22-Dec-2011
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The 2011 Dragon 2 Symposium will bring together the joint Sino-European teams after 3 years of activity. On a project-by-project basis, the 25 project teams will report on the progress of their projects to date.

Dragon 2 PI Reporting:

            Report on the progress of each project to date including the latest results

            Detail the ESA, TPM and Chinese EO data acquired and investigated after 3 years of activity

            Detail the in-situ data measurements and requirements particularly joint field visits made in P.R. China in the last year

            Report on the role of young scientists within the project

            Outline the progress and status of cooperation within the project

            Inform on planning of research to be undertaken in the next year

            Detail the publication of results in scientific journals

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