Dragon 2 Symposium 20- 24 June 2011 Prague, Czech Republic
ESA      Congrex - ESA's Professional Conference Organiser 22-Dec-2011
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Young scientists poster session
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Young scientists poster session
There will be a poster session dedicated to presentation of the research by young and Dragon 2 scientists. This session will be open from the first day and young scientists will be expected to present their posters to the Dragon 2 community. The posters will outline the project's aims and achievements, the EO and other data utilised in the research, outline the methodology and latest results as appropriate. The guidelines for presentation and size of poster papers are available on-line.

Young Scientists presenting poster papers at the 2010 Guilin Symposium, China

Young Scientists' Poster Session, poster paper titles
Národní dům na Vinohradech / The National House of Vinohrady,
Společenský sál (www.nardum.cz)
Opening on 21 June at 18:00, closing 24 June 2011 at 12:00

Poster Title Project id.  Author list
Laser Spectroscopy and Lidar Measurements for the Investigation of Rayleigh-Brillouin Scattering (RBS) in Air 5291
Lidar Cal/Val
Benjamin Witschas, Oliver Reitebuch, Christian Lemmerz, Engelbert Nagel, Maria Ofelia Vieitez, Eric-Jan van Duijn, Willem van de Water, Wim Ubachs
Retrieving of Inhalable Particulate Matter Based on Landsat TM Image 5295
EO & Sport Events
Zhao Wenhui, Gong Huili, Zhao Wenji, Li Xiaojuan, Tang Ming
Sensitivity Studies of Atmospheric COR2R Retrieval at Near Infrared Band 5311
Dongxu Yang, Yi Liu
Vertical Extent of Spring-time Ozone Asymmetry Over Antarctica as Seen
by GOMOS and MLS
Niilo Kalakoski, Viktoria Sofieva, Erkki Kyrölä
Forest Fires in China, an End to End
Approach: Detection, Cartography and Atmospheric Impact
Forest Fires
Pablo Salvador, Jose Luis Casanova, Julia Sanz, Abel
From Schistosomiasis Vector Habitats Identification to Human Rransmission Risk Mapping, in the Poyang Lake Area (Jiangxi Province, PR China) 5264
Tiphanie MARIE and Hervé YESOU
Water Bodies Detection Quality on Multi-resolution Imagery and Relationship Between Water Extent and Water Level, Case of Poyang Lake (P.R. China) 5264
Claire HUBER, Pr Xijun LAI, Carlos URIBE, Huang Shifeng, Tiphanie MARIE, CHEN Xiaoling, and Hervé YESOU
Rapid Mapping and Monitoring of the 2010 Flood Events in Central and Northern Eastern China within the DRAGON 2 Programme 5264
Claire HUBER, Pr LAI Xijun, PR HUANG Shifeng, CHEN Xiaoling and Hervé YESOU
Application of Remote Sensing Technology in Disaster Monitoring in China in the Recent Years 5281
Water Resources
Li Xiaotao, Xin jingfeng, Huang shifeng, Li jiren
Remote Sensing Data and Energy Water Balance Model for Hydrological Processes Simulation in the Upper Yangtze River Basin 5281
Water Resources
Chiara Corbari, Marco Mancini, Jiren Li, Jinfeng Xin,
Jianli Zhang, Xingnan Zhang, Xiaoxiang Zhang, Bob Su 
Subway Tunnels Tracking in Shanghai Using Cosmo-SkyMed PSInSAR 5297
Topographic measurement
Zhiying Wang, Daniele Perissin, Fabio Rocca & Hui Lin
Using Mutual Information for Stereo Radargrammetry with TerraSAR-X 5297
Topographic measurement
Heming LIAO, Timo BALZ, Xueyan HE, Lu ZHANG, Mingsheng LIAO
Rapid Geocoding of Satellite SAR Image with Refined RPC Model 5297
Topographic measurement
Lu ZHANG, Timo BALZ, Mingsheng LIAO
Interseismic Strain Accumulation Across an Active Thrust System: an InSAR Case Study in the Himalayas 5305
Raphaël GRANDIN, Marie-Pierre DOIN, Laurent BOLLINGER, Béatrice PINEL-PUYSSEGUR, Romain JOLIVET, Gabriel DUCRET, Cécile LASSERRE, Gilles PELTZER
Time Series Analysis of Strain Accumulation Along the Haiyuan Fault, China Over the 1998-2010 Time Period from ERS and ENVISAT InSAR data 5305
Romain Jolivet, Cecile Lasserre, Marie-Pierre Doin, Gilles Peltzer, Jianbao Sun, Rong Dailu, Zheng-Kang Shen &Xu Xiwei
DEM Corrections Before Unwrapping in a Small Baseline Strategy for INSAR Time Series Analysis 5305
G. Ducret, M.-P. Doin, R. Grandin, C. Lasserre, S. Guillasso
Object Based Forest and Non-Forest Classification in Northeast China using ENVISAT ASAR data 5314
Forest Ecosystems
Feilong Ling, Yanping Huang, Reik Leiterer, Johaness Reich, Maurizio Santoro, Christina Schumullius and Zengyuan Li
Forest Cover Change Mapping in Northeast China using ERS SAR and ENVISAT ASAR Data 5314
Forest Ecosystems
Feilong Ling, Reik Leiterer, Yanping Huang, Maurizio Santoro, Erxue Chen, Zengyuan Li, Christina Schmullius
Utilizing Satellite-based Height-volume Allometry for the Parameterisation of Growing Stock Volume of Dense Forest 5314
Forest Ecosystems
Johannes Reiche, Maurizio Santoro & Christiane Schmullius
Validation Approach of SAR Based Forest Stem Volume Maps Using Forest Inventory Data 5314
Forest Ecosystems
Kerstin Traut, Sina Truckenbrodt, Feilong Ling, Yanping Huang, Maurizio Santoro & Christiane Schmullius
Estimation of Synergies Between SAR Based Forest Stem Volume Maps and Global Land Cover Products 5314
Forest Ecosystems
Reik Leiterer, Maurizio Santoro & Christiane Schmullius
Refinement of BuiltArea Extraction Using A Novel MOuntains EXtractor Approach (MOEX) 5317
Massimiliano Aldrighi & Paolo Gamba
Specific Correction of Topography Effects on SAR Backscatter : Applications to Forest Biomass Retrieval 5319
CO2 in Crop lands
Ludovic Villard & Thuy Le Toan
Application of Contourlet Method for Multiscale Transforms in Remote Sensing 5322
Liang Ji & Wang Jian
Coupling of Meso Scale Atmospheric Model with AATSR Data for Turbulent Heat Flux Parameterisation over the Heihe River Basin 5322
R. Faivre, J. Colin & M. Menenti
Land Surface Flux Estimate by Bi-angular Radiance Measurements from AATSR in a Semi-arid Region and Validation by Footprint Analysis  5322
Li Jia, Jie Bai, Xiaoying Ouyang
Surface Soil Moisture in the Water Source Region of the Yellow River 5341
L.Dente, Z.Vekerdy, J.Wen, Z.Su
Assessing Changing Landslide Susceptibility Following the Construction of the Three Gorges Dam, China, Using High Resolution TanDEM-X DEMs and Phase Correlation of TSX SAR Time Series 5343
Monitoring 3 Gorges
Hayley Larkin (main author) and Jan-Peter Muller
Sea surface salinity remote sensing in the Bohai Sea 5292
River Deltas
QING Song,  CUI Tingwei, MA Yi, ZHANG Jie
Satellite retrieval of suspended particle size in the Bohai Sea 5292
River Deltas
QING Song,  CUI Tingwei, MA Yi, ZHANG Jie
Improved Radar Modulation Transfer Function for Oceanic Internal Waves 5316
Mon. China Seas
Dagestad K-F., Hansen M.W., Kozlov I., Kudryavtsev V., Johannessen J. A.
Typhoon Induced Ocean Waves from Multi-Altimeter Data 5316
Mon. China Seas
Jingsong YANG, Yufang PAN, Qingmei XIAO
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Upwelling Along the Zhejiang Coast of the East China Sea 5316
Mon. China Seas
Xiulin Lou & Aiqin Shi
Sea Ice Detection in Bohai Sea 5316
Mon. China Seas
Peng Chen & Juan Wang
Polarization Scattering Characteristics of Ships 5316
Mon. China Seas
Juan Wang, Jingsong Yang, Peng Chen

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