Dragon 2 Symposium 20- 24 June 2011 Prague, Czech Republic
ESA      Congrex - ESA's Professional Conference Organiser 22-Dec-2011
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Following registration on the morning of 20 June 2011, the first day will be dedicated to team meetings. The Symposium will formally open on the morning of 21 June, with presentations by ESA and NRSCC / MOST representatives. The Dragon 2 programme coordinators will provide an up-date on the programme and the activities planned for the next 12 months. The technical sessions will formally commence on the afternoon of the second day and will last for 2.5 days. During the week of the Symposium, there will be rooms available for project teams to hold meetings in parallel to the technical sessions. The morning of the last day will be dedicated to reporting on each of the sessions. The Symposium will close around noon of the fifth day (24 June 2011).

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